School Leaders Summit 2014

The Future of Education

October 16th 2014 | London

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Is your school harnessing the power of mobile for learning? GCSEPod® provides a unique opportunity to deliver content to students 24/7 - on the move, at home, in school, or wherever they may be, providing a true education anywhere experience. Covering 15 subjects, the award-winning audio-visual podcasts are designed to assist learning both inside and outside the classroom. Relevant to the main examination boards and easily accessed through the App, GCSEPod helps with homework and supports the revision process. GCSEPod subscribing schools have reported a significant rise in grades at GCSE.  In 2012, the A*-C performance nationally fell by 0.4% across all GCSEs.  GCSEPod schools bucked this trend with an amazing 60% of subscribing schools showing an increase of more than 3% A*-C and with 30% achieving an impressive rise of 8% or more, with some even achieving more than a 15% uplift.

Give your students the edge as they strive for academic excellence. Call 0191 2111999 or visit


Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation

Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation (ESPO) is one of the UK's largest public sector professional buying organisations. We provide a comprehensive procurement service to enable schools to acquire a wide range of products and services at the best possible price in compliance with current UK and EU procurement rules and regulations. ESPO's experience in the education sector, market insight, category expertise and best practice sourcing are key attributes that enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the changing dynamics of service delivery within the public sector. To ensure that we maintain our leading position in this market, we proactively collaborate with customers, Pro5, DfE and other partners to engage markets, challenge current practices and develop innovative new commissioning and sourcing strategies. This approach is supported by core values based on the theme 'Thinking the Future'. They include:

  • Using knowledge to deliver value
  • Proactively taking the initiative
  • Collaborating with customers, DfE and other partners
  • Delivering customer-focused outcomes
  • Managing risk when striving for improvements
  • Benchmarking against the best to improve
  • Recognising and embracing change and challenges
  • Enabling staff to achieve organisational and individual goals

Frog Trade Ltd

Welcome to the world of Frog. We are the UK’s leading learning platform provider, raising the standards of over 10,000 schools worldwide, for more than 12 years. When it comes to technology in education, we know what works - that’s why 94% of schools that have ever joined Frog are still with us today. Our new cloud based product FrogOS has been built specifically for tablet and mobile devices. It allows teachers to create interactive, engaging lessons in minutes and helps them understand their students better. You need to see it to believe it.

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